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About Us

Introducing Zaria: a free platform established in February 2022, Zaria was initially a Discord-only service. Soon after, we expanded with the exciting addition of an online dashboard to enhance the overall user experience while adapting to the needs of our users. Zaria is designed to protect your community from malicious users as we understand the importance of a secure online environment. Our platform is specifically designed with a focus on safety and security while maintaining a system that is easy to use. Our ethos here at Zaria is to be understanding, extensive in investigation, and helpful to those who use our bot. At Zaria, in addition to our team ethos, we strive to be open about how we operate. We maintain a clear grading policy and all verdicts are reached as a team decision to ensure 100% fairness.

Highly Customisable

Zaria is highly customisable, tailored to your specific community needs.

Online Dashboard

Zaria features an all-in-one dashboard to manage your server and gain useful insights.

Security Driven

Zaria believes that security comes first, all of our applications are built with a security mindset.

Community Built

Zaria recognises community suggestions and works with induviduals to make us better.



Users Protected




Reported Users



Online Dashboard

Manage your community and gain useful insights at ease with our new dashboard.


Extensive Configurability

Configure Zaria's features to suit your community, online or within discord.


Server Reports

Run server reports on-demand to get instant clarification on your community security.


Instant Notifications

Zaria provides instant notifications to a channel of your choice when a malicious member joins.


Superfast Automodding

Zaria provides superfast automodding for malicious links, mitigating damage to your community.


Interactive Community

Zaria is built from user feedback and suggestions, feel free to post them today.

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